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Meet Stephanie!

Hey there L&L followers!

I am so excited to publish our first blog post on our new website! I think it is very important to get to know your vendors for your wedding, or other special event, since they will be a big part of your day. I wanted to ask important questions that will give you a sense of who Stephanie is, and why Lavender & Lace is a great option to consider for your floral design needs.

So let's do this!

Q: How long have you been a florist?

A: I have been doing floral event designing for the past 10 years.

Q: Where did you learn to do flowers?

A: I was formally educated in floral design at the Rittners School of Floral Design, but have loved doing floral arrangements long before I was formally trained.

Q: What makes a good florist?

A: A good florist listens to the client, and pays attention to the details. They go above and beyond to make the vision of the event come to life. Venues are used by brides every weekend, but to make a venue reflect the couples sense of style is really up to the florist, so being able to fully understand a clients vision. They offer options to fit within a clients budget while still allowing them to achieve their overall aesthetic.

Q: Why do you like to specialize in weddings?

A: Well I enjoy all events, but I love weddings because they are so happy. You really get to see the couples love for one another, and it is so awesome to be a part of someones special day.

Q: What three words describe your design aesthetic?

A: Traditional, Contemporary, and Shabby Chic

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Sarah Winward - she does classes for florists and is very talented, and Studio Choo - another coast to coast floral team that has a few books and offers workshops

Q: You walk into a full cooler with every flower you could possibly dream of in front of you; You can only take one single stem out with you. What do you grab?

A: I would definitely take a Sarah Burnhardt Peony

Q: What is your favorite type of arrangement to make?

A: I love making tall flowing centerpieces. I really like to mix tall and short arrangements for a reception. I just think that the height variation fills the space and visually make a bigger impact.

Q: What is your number one tip for brides when it comes to flowers?

A: Relax, and trust your florist!

I hope that you got a sense of how great Stephanie is, and why Lavender & Lace Wedding Florist is definitely a premiere Central Florida floral design company. We would love to know what you want to know about Stephanie, and what you want us to blog about so feel free to comment below.

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